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Roamheart Patching Database

Welcome to the Roamheart Patching Database. This database was originally assembled as a standby until Furcadia updated their own Patching Database although, as it has grown, it has taken on a life of its own with a team of moderators and staff that has grown to an international level.

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Patch Submission

Roamheart is accepting modern patches. To submit to the archive, head over to the submission page.

For more information about modern mode, check out these resources:

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Most Downloaded Patches Since 31a

  1. 32-Bit Items Update
  2. Lightning Ambience
  3. Romantic Night In Patches-Clean version
  4. Arcade
  5. Animated Televisions
  6. Signs!
  7. Small Town Patch
  9. Bakery and Cafe Patch Set
  10. Pony Avatars

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Roamheart was created by Kinsem and is currently maintained as a joint venture between Elso Valager and Iced. Originally coded by Samuel Michkron; additional updates provided by Favorites, Kedessa, Crunchward and Ceus. Background art thanks to Gin Blossom, used with permission.

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